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February 20, 2018
Registration Process
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The PowerActiveSite system features a built-in online registration process for members to register with your website. The registration form is available on the login page and as a link in the member login box. Members will need to register with the website in order to access members only information and resources. A member clicks the link to register, fills out the registration form, and then submits the registration information. The user will not have access to the website until their account is verified and activated by an official.

Once the information is submitted, two emails are sent from the system, one to the new user thanking them for registering and telling them their login will be activated upon successful verification, and one email to the registration contact email address listed for the website. You can control the email address that receives the registration verification email by going to the Administration Area, clicking the Edit Web Site Settings link, and then filling in the Contact Recipient or Registration Recipient email fields.

The registration verification email contains the users information who submitted the form and a link to activate the user. Verify that the user is approved for access to the website, then click the link in the registration email to activate the user. If the user is not approved, no action is necessary, the user will not be able to access the website.

You can also activate users by going to the User Administration area, searching for the user, and then setting the status field to ACTIVE. Click the Update button to save the changes, the user will now be able to login to the website.

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