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February 20, 2018
Adding A Picture To Your Site
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Pictures must first be uploaded into your File and Image Manager before they can be placed on your site. This includes pictures that are saved in documents that are uploaded to the site. The picture will not appear in the document until it is uploaded and placed in the saved file on your web site.
When you are in the edit area for your page/article/file, click on the insert image icon.
When the Image Properties box appears, click on Browse server.
This will open the folders for your website and allow you to browse the files that have been uploaded. Once you select the desired picture, it will appear in the preview box.
Formatting Options.
Width/Height – If a picture is too large the web page may become larger than the users screen. For most situations, the picture should not be more than 600 pixels wide. The picture can also be resized once it is placed in the edit box.
Border – By placing a number in this box, you can add a solid black border around your picture. The number you choose is how many pixels thick the border will be.
HCpace/Vspace - A number in this box will determine the distance between the picture and text that is wrapping around it. The number you choose is how many pixels will be in-between the picture and the text.
Align – Within the dropdown are alignment options for placing your picture. Selecting left or right will allow text to wrap around the picture.
Once you have selected the options you want, click OK. You picture will now appear in the edit box. If you want to re-enter the image properties for this picture, Right Click on the picture and select Image Properties (your pop-up blocker might need to be turned off for it to appear).

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